Under Ceiling Console

Powerful, more efficient, quieter, these models are ideal for commercial applications and other big, open space applications.

Fujitsu Inverter technology and the highly efficient DC components provide low cost operation with improved energy efficiency. 

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Long Distance Airflow

High performance fans deliver long distance airflow of up to 18 metres, ensuring comfort to every corner of a large room.

Installation Options

Three options to install the indoor unit to overcome ceiling or wall limitations.

Quiet Operation

An industry leader in quietness - with quiet mode at 32 decibels - just over that of a human whisper, while still maintaining the desired temperature.

Double Auto-swing

Total control over air direction swing is possible through dual use of both up/down and left/right direction swing.

Wired Controller Features (Optional UTB-TUD)

  • Various timer set up options
  • 7 day Timer with 2 ON settings and 2 OFF settings per day and DAY OFF option
  • Temperature Set-Back Timer allows you to set a different temperature during a programmed ON time
  • Filter Maintenance Display
  • Memory back-up setting: In the event of a power failure, battery back up of the wall controller
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