Compact Floor Console

The compact floor console is surprisingly energy efficient, with its elegant design.

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Very Compact

At just 60cm high and 74cm long, this model is discreet and attractive - even able to replace heating devices such as night storage heaters or wall heaters.

Super Quiet

An industry leader in quietness - with quiet mode at 22 decibels - quieter than a human whisper, while still maintaining the desired temperature.

Dual Fan

Twin fans and the option of using the top fan only gives you total control, and fast heating (or cooling in Summer) of the entire room.

Apple-Catechin Filter

  • Fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful micro-organisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated.
  • Long-life Ion Deodorising Filter
    The filter reduces common household odours, kitchen and pet smells by powerfully absorbing and decomposing them.
  • Other Features
    Can be recessed if required
    Very compact outdoor unit (57cm x 79cm x 30cm)
    Still provides heat when outside temperature is - 15°C

Super Efficient

Blue Energy Star ratings are awarded to selected elite heat pumps that meet a higher level of energy efficiency. At Fujitsu we pride ourselves on value for money and strive to achieve the best, ensuring our models are ranked amongst the best of the best is peace of mind we pass on to you.

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